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Institutional Distinctiveness

The institute has a broad social vision and shows transparency in all institutional activities and initiatives. The institution has never compromised on rules and regulations of all statutory governing bodies and committees, and always showed willingness to take initiatives for social awareness and empowerment activities. The institute is committed to provide high quality technical education and inculcate social values, ethics and other soft skills in the students. The institute has never let ‘money’ and ‘profit’ become its priority and always has assisted financially and academically weaker students through acting as a support system as and when required. The institute’s students and the staff actively participate in all social, environmental and academic initiatives through different forums and platforms.

Portray the performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust

The Institute focuses keenly on the holistic development of students and provides them with every opportunity and resource to facilitate their holistic development. This is one of the most distinctive feature of the Institute, whose details are given below in brief.

Intellectual development: The institute, implements university curriculum through well planned and effective teaching learning activities blended with various pedagogy approaches.

Skill Development: The development of personality of each student is realized by inculcating in them positive attitude, leadership qualities, sportsmanship and self-awareness. Students have active participation in planning, collaborating, executing and managing a plethora of student-centric and scholastic activities-such as guest lectures, industrial visits, workshops and training programmes, cultural activities- conferences, debates, competitions, celebration of National festivals as well as the annual day events in the extracurricular sphere, including participation in sports events, organising of intercollegiate events.

Social development: The social skills are nurtured through various activities conducted by the social club at the institute.

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