Information Technology

Information Technology is an interdisciplinary field primarily concerned with the analysis, collection, classification, manipulation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information. To create the Information Technocrats, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology pioneer the Department of Information Technology in the year 2002 with the sanctioned intake of 60 students. The course is approved by AICTE, New Delhi, affiliated to University of Mumbai and ISO 9001-2008 certified. The department at RGIT is creating tomorrow's knowledge society.

Students, faculty, and staff collaborate to unite technology, people, and information to make a fundamental difference in this knowledge society, a society in which citizens collaboratively and freely create and share knowledge and utilize information and technology to promote growth, prosperity, and well-being.

The main focus of the department is to produce graduates with strong fundamentals in Information Technology domain. There is a distinct entrepreneurial spirit in the students of the department. The department has well equipped classrooms and computer laboratories with high - end systems. Moreover, it has a rich departmental library. The department also has a Student Body named ABIT.


  • To become a leading department committed to nurture student centric learning through outcome and skill based transformative IT education to create Technocrats and leaders for the service of society.


  • To shape ourselves into a learning community to flourish leadership, team spirit, ethics, listen and respect each other.

  • To provide computer educational experience that transforms student through rigorous course work and by providing an understanding of the need of the society and industry.

  • To educate students to be professionally IT competent for industry and research programme by providing industry institute interaction.

  • To strive for excellence among students by infusing a sense of excitement in Computer innovation, invention, design, creation and entrepreneurship.

  • To contribute in the service of society by participation of faculty, staff and students in socio-economic and socio-cultural activities.

Program Education Objective

  • To prepare student with a sound foundation in Mathematic, Scientific and Computer Engineering fundamentals and prepare for employment, higher studies and research.

  • To develop the student ability to analyze and synthesize application and system software.

  • To inculcate leadership, team work, entrepreneurship, professional ethics, Indian values and holistic development among students.

  • To prepare student to become generalist engineers for solving complex engineering problem.

  • To motivate student to the art of self-learning and solve complex real life problems using modern scientific and IT tools.

Program Specific Outcome

  • An ability to apply the knowledge of Computer Engineering for the design and development of IoT system.

  • An ability to solve complex Computer Engineering problems using latest tools to achieve optimized solutions.

Departmental Advisory Committee

Mr. Aneish Kumar, Bank of New York, Mellon Corporation
Mr. Shekhar Kulkarni, TCS, Mumbai
Mr. Dnyaneshwar kamble, TCS, Mumbai
Mr. Raj Jadhav, D-Link, India
Dr. S. G. Bhirud, VJTI, Mumbai
Dr. R. N. Awale, VJTI, Mumbai
Dr. M. M. Chandane, VJTI, Mumbai
Mr. Rakesh Raut, Wipro, Mumbai (Alumni)
Mr. Vinay Pillai (Alumni)
Ms. Prathana Raika (Alumni)
Mr. Siddharth Mallya (Alumni)
Ms. Ritika Singh(Alumni)

Departmental Committee

Name of committees
Budget Committee
Dr. S. B. Wankhade Prof. S.K. Sabnis Prof. A. E. Patil
Project Committee
Prof.Swapnil Gharat (Convener) Prof. Anushree Deshmukh Prof. Yogita Ganage
Departmental Time Table Committee
Prof. Yogita Ganage (Convener) Mr. Santosh Ghatkar
Mid Term Test Exam Committee
Prof. Anushree Deshmukh Mr. Santosh Ghatkar
Result Committee
Prof. Anushree Deshmukh (Convener) Prof. Yogita Ganage Mr. Santosh Ghatkar
Research Development Committee
Dr. S.B. Wankhade (Convener) Prof. A.E.Patil Prof. Nilesh Rathod Prof. Anushree Deshmukh
Training & Placement Committee
Prof. A. E. Patil (Convener) Prof. Yogita Ganage
Student Mentoring Committee
Prof. Nilesh Rathod Prof. Ankush Hutke
Internship Committee
Prof. A. E. Patil (Convener) Prof. Anushree Deshmukh
Departmental Discipline Committee
Dr. S.B. Wankhade Prof. Ankush Hutke Prof. Swapnil Gharat
Departmental Alumni Committee
Prof. A.E. Patil (Convener) Prof. S. K. Sabnis
ABIT Commitee
Prof.Nilesh Rathod (Convener) Dr. S.B.Wankhade
Departmental Library Committee
Prof. Yogita Ganage Mr. Santosh Ghatkar
S/w Development Commitee
Prof.Ankush Hutke Prof. Govind Wakure