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Computer Programming

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Programme Introduction

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the MCT’s Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology provides quality education, conducts strong research programs, foster close partnerships with industry, and provides related services to the campus community and the community at large. A pillar of strength from which the department draws its strength is a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff.
The cutting edge that the department has over others is its focus on cutting edge technologies and knowledge about the current trends in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The academic leadership of department has endeavored itself to the students by its attention to details and personal attention. This has helped in preparing students for the challenges they face in the outside world and helping them secure a better professional future. A testimony that this helps in giving the society well rounded professionals is the alumni of this department, who today are at the zenith of their careers and acknowledge the contribution of this department towards the same. Department has PG in Heat Power with an intake of 18 since 2012 and PhD in Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 10 since 2017.


  • To create competent technical professionals in Mechanical Engineering with ethical behavior and environment consciousness.


  • To provide contemporary and cutting-edge technical education in Mechanical Engineering.

  • To provide an ambience which nurtures research ideas in futuristic domains of Mechanical Engineering.

  • To initiate project based learning and practical exposures in the area of Mechanical Engineering.

  • To direct faculties in research and consultancy / advisory roles.

  • To establish strong linkages with well-known national and international technical institutes.

  • To promote the culture of imbibing environmental care and eco-friendly designs.

  • To become a department of aspiration & choice.

Program Education Objectives

PEO1 : To prepare the stake holder to exhibit leadership qualities with demonstrable attributes in lifelong learning to contribute to the societal needs.

PEO2 : To make ready the stake holder to pursue higher education for professional development. 

PEO3 : To help the stake holder to acquire the analytical and technical skills, knowledge, analytical ability attitude and behavior through the program. 

PEO4 : To prepare the stakeholders with a sound foundation in the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals. 

PEO5 : To motivate the learner in the art of self-learning and to use modern tools for solving real life problems and also inculcate a professional and ethical attitude and good leadership qualities.

PEO6 : To prepare the stake holder to able to Design solutions for complex engineering problems and 
design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations

Program Specific Outcome

PSO1 : Successful Career and Entrepreneurship: Graduates will be able to understand the social-awareness and environmental wisdom along with ethical responsibility to have a successful career and to sustain passion and zeal for real-world applications using optimal resources as an entrepreneur.

PSO2 : Hobbies and Career: Graduates have nurtured their hobbies which are useful in their specific chosen career.  


BE Syllabus Sem VII & VIII 2022-23

SE Mechanical Sem III & IV 2022-23

ME-Heat-Power-Engineering I to IV 2022-23

TE Syllabus Sem V & VI 2022-23

SE TE BE syllabus  R2016

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