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We at MCT’s RGIT Mumbai provide a transformative educational experience and believe that “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in a man.” Since inception, the institute is committed to provide quality learning environment and experience to the students and faculty. Over the years, our work ethics and policies have evolved from the vision of our inspiration Late Shree Vilasraoji Dagdojiraoji Deshmukh and various notable educational and social philosophies.Although I firmly believe Science and Technology as extraordinary resources of the world, yet I feel availability of good leadership is necessary in development of nation. We have outstanding record of taking specific efforts in developing academic excellence, Character and Personality of our students. The Academics, Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities of our institute are designed for enabling students to be versatile technocrats and leaders of enormous potential.

Our major strengths are our worldwide network of Alumni, our linkages with apex educational and research institutions, our human resource and our infrastructure. The worldwide research in studying role of technocrats in socio-economic development of the nation has proved that technological innovations are the base of economic development of a nation. Moreover, the economic growth of USA in the last fifty years is attributed to science and technology. As a technological institution, this motivates us to shoulder the huge responsibility of contributing to technological world for overall development of our nation. The institute has aligned its mission for developing the young minds into the human capital as an engineering workforce of the nation.

We aim to enhance linkages with apex educational and national research institution and develop systems for leading the institute towards academic autonomy and set foundation for institute to be a Centre of Excellence in next five years.

I assure you that your stay as student at RGIT will be a memorable experience in the context of learning a value based education. Will enable you to be successful in career and life.


Principal's Desk

Dr. Sanjay U. Bokade

Ph.D.(Tech), M.E.(Mfg. Tech), B.E.(Production)

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