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T&P Deparment spares efforts in developing student's overall personalities by providing them soft skills & aptitude test training & practices. Thus equipping them with all qualities by arranging expert talk on technical/personality/spiritual skills, etc. to make them an asset to whichever organization they may join.


Organizes sessions on higher studies to help students to choose their proper career path after their graduation. Every year approximately more than 40 % of students go for higher education at various Indian and International Universities.

Organizes campus recruitment drives in core & non-core sectors. It makes available updated database and job profile of the companies and thus helps each student analyze and choose company of his/her interest.

Collects feedback from the visiting companies & share it with different departments for the development of students w.r.t. their technical/academic, aptitude & attitude skills.

Encourages students to participate in maximum numbers for different contests/competitions organizes by various companies through their online platforms.

The following is the list of the companies who had entrusted confidence in our students through placements during the past years.

For T&P Activities following are the Committee members

TPO                        Prof. Gunwant Shende             02226707026 (Ext.117)/ 7977877008

TPC                          Ms. Vishakha V. Kanojia           7506518886

Computer               Dr. Sharmila. S. Gaikwad

Computer               Prof. Bhavesh Panchal             9869091272

IT                               Prof. A. E. Patil                           9833130027

Instrumentation    Prof. P.B. Gawande                   02226707026

Mechanical              Prof. A. G. Londhekar
                                   Prof. Amol Mangrulkar           9869024767

EXTC                         Prof. Sanjana Repal                  9920638618

                                   Prof. Rahini Bhoir


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 Placement Record Year Wise

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