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Training and Placement Cell

                  “Optimism is the faith that leads to Achievement. Nothing can be done

without hope and confidence.”------Helen Keller The Training and Placement Cell at MCT’s Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai, strives hard to create best future of students. Every engineering entrant has strong aspirations to make career in dream industry, pursue higher study or become an entrepreneur, so T&P Cell at MCT’s RGIT facilitates to train, develop, groom and makes student ready for the various career paths. The T&P Cell believes in enhancing student's capabilities through dedicated and focused efforts on every student through innovative pedagogy, technology oriented rigorous

training and ensures that everyone exhibits the excellent technical skill, right aptitude and attitude, good communication skills, problem solving ability and team-work spirit augmented with decent understanding of domain knowledge. The T&P cell interacts with various industries, experts from reputed firms to meet the career objectives for the students. The T&P cell works together as a team in association with industry expert, corporate sector for orienting the students as per the requirements of various industries. T&P cell provide opportunity to students to demonstrate their capability, intellect and professional readiness to get inducted in esteemed organization. The faculty & students placement coordinators work quite well and provide well-developed infrastructure to facilitate the campus selection programmes.


Organizes sessions on higher studies to help students to choose their proper career path after their graduation. Every year approximately more than 40 % of students go for higher education at various Indian and International Universities.

Organizes campus recruitment drives in core & non-core sectors. It makes available updated database and job profile of the companies and thus helps each student analyze and choose company of his/her interest.

Collects feedback from the visiting companies & share it with different departments for the development of students w.r.t. their technical/academic, aptitude & attitude skills.

Encourages students to participate in maximum numbers for different contests/competitions organizes by various companies through their online platforms.

The following is the list of the companies who had entrusted confidence in our students through placements during the past years.


RECRUITERS LOGOS_page-0001.jpg
RECRUITERS LOGOS_page-0002.jpg
RECRUITERS LOGOS_page-0003.jpg
RECRUITERS LOGOS_page-0004.jpg
RECRUITERS LOGOS_page-0005.jpg
RECRUITERS LOGOS_page-0006.jpg

 Placement Record Year Wise

Sr. No.




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